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Online Training

Bespoke online golf fitness training starts at £60 per month or 3 months £150.

This includes a bespoke golf specific exercise program based around your goals, a golf warm up routine, nutrition eating plans and support. 


Step 1: Sign Up

Message me at to sign up to an online training program or just to find out more info?

Step 2: Consulting

Receive and complete a questionnaire about your goals, lifestyle choices, health and fitness routines so we can maximise the benefits or your bespoke programme.

Step 3: Assessment

Complete a simple movement and fitness assessment which takes around 30 minutes to complete. 

This includes a video demonstration of all tests and can be easily done from within your home comfort. 

Record and save yourself performing the exercise tests and send them back via email. 

Step 4: Start Your Plan

You will receive your completed questionnaire and movement assessment marks along with your new bespoke training programme within 48 hours. All exercises within your programme will have youtube demonstration links so you can maximise your form. 

For Bespoke programmes including meal plans please download MYFITNESSPAL